Hydesen Small Powerbank 10000 mAh

Hydesen Small Powerbank QC3.0,10000 mAh 5V 2A Cell Phone Powerbank
Mini power bank with flashlight quick charging


    Because Hydesen Powerbank even though it looks small but has a large power of 10,050 mAh.

Smart Security Protection – Supports overcharging, overloading, excess voltage, overcurrent and short circuit, so Hydesen Powerbank is safer to use.

There is a backup flashlight, this will be a good helper if you need an emergency light when camping, hiking and any emergency events.

Short description
    Portable 10050mAh small charger, mini power bank with flashlight. Fast fill is available.
    High capacity: 10050 mAh can charge iPhone 3 times, Samsung 3 times, Ipad 2.5 times etc.
    Small body: POWERBANK is very small, light to put in a pocket and go anywhere.
    Flashlight: LED flashlight makes the user more comfortable.
    Dual USB port: Dual USB ports can be charged simultaneously for more devices.
    Fast Charging: No more than 1 hour to charge iPhone from 0 to full.
    Indicator light: Four indicator lights to remind you how much power you have left.
    Scratch-resistant: Special scratch-resistant housing design.
 Input & output: DC-Input 5V = 2.0A Output: 1-DC 5V = 2.4A 2-DC 5V = 1.0A

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